I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and have been nominated for a seat at the auDA board table in the Demand Directors position.

After being involved with the internet now since it’s early days, and having spent the last 10 years actively working with auDA and AusRegistry in both a technical and policy position I want to give something back to the community.

auDA still has important work to do, and we need to get on with the job.

.au namespace is still one of the most widely respected ccTLD’s in the world, and if we want to keep it that way it’s time to put all the petty squabbling and arguments to the side and to borrow a Donald Trump-ism “Make .au Great Again!”

I will be posting exactly what my position is on a number of topics here on my personal website in the next day or so for review.

I welcome any comments or questions and want to thank you for the vote of confidence.


Craig Marchant

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